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Harness the full potential of your genomic data

Join the genomic revolution with us


of scientists time is spent managing and prepping data.


left for breakthroughs


Accelerate human flourishing 

through effective use of genomics data.

Empower scientists

to make breakthroughs faster & more often.

GenRAIT's Mission:

“Our ability to sequence DNA has far outpaced our ability to decipher the information it contains.” - NIH

GenRAIT Helps Scientists Make Breakthroughs


The one place for all your genomics data needs

Novel and Flexible Data Architecture

Cheap scalable data storage for large files

Democratized data access

Supercharged Analytics

QC and automatic prep to standardize data

Built-in suite of analytical tools & workflows

Secure Data Management

End-to-end data security

Access management

Comprehensive audit trail 

Stellar Experience

Interfaces for technical & non technical users

Easy & secure sharing & collaboration

Single provider for genomic data lifecycle


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